1,500lb Capacity Marine Jack (Dual Wheel)


Ideal for use with boat, sport craft, snowmobile and other recreational trailers.

  • 1,500lb Support/Lift Capacity
  • Large 1/2″ pull pin to activate the swivel mechanism
  • Large grooved comfort handle to operate the jack
  • Four bolt pin through design with large diamond shaped washer for side load support
  • Durable clear zinc finish (2 1/4″ outer tube construction)
  • Bolt on hardware included to mount from 2″x2″ to 3″x5″ trailer frame
  • Dual 6″ poly caster wheels
  • 10″ travel distance
  • 26″ jack height fully retracted
  • 12-1/2″ bracket height (from bottom of jack to center of swivel when fully retracted)
  • MJ-1500B-DWL Bulk
  • MJ-1500BBX-DWL Retail Boxed bolt on version available special order upon request
  • Installation Instructions

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