Hydraulic Replacement Parts


Ram Part Number Description
HJ-15000-CYLND Replacement cylinder for 15K RAM hydraulic jack
HPU-SR391 HPU starter relay, 12V DC 250A
HPU-SL13372R Solenoid 2 for port B, round
HPU-SL13392Q Solenoid 1 for port A, square
HPU-CAP Cap for HPU reservoir
RH-516-PBARL Weld on pivot bar with L-shape plate (welded to trailer chassis)
RH-516-PBARF Weld on pivot bar with flat plate (welded to dump frame)
HJ-15000-HPU-KIT Repair HPU kit for  HJ-15008 hydraulic self contained jack
HJ-15000-FITSET Fitting Set/Hose for HJ-15000 hydraulic Jack
HJ-15000-FT Foot for HJ-15000 and HJ-15008 hydraulic jacks
HJ-15000-FTPN Pin with snap rings for HJ-15000 and HJ-15008 hydraulic jacks
HPU-TANK004 Replacement tank for HPU-DA004 4 quarts
HPU-TANK006 Replacement tank for HPU-DA006 6 quarts
HPU-TANK008 Replacement tank for HPU-DA008 8 quarts
HPU-TANK0025V Replacement tank for HJ-15008 self contained hydraulic jack (2.5 quarts)

HPU-TANK0025H  Replacement tank for HPU-SA8025 horizontal mount HPU (2.5 quarts)



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