Hydraulic Power Unit (Dual Acting, Power Up/Power Down with 2 to 4 selector)


Hydraulic power units and control switch/remote pendant works with RAM hydraulic jacks and scissor hoist systems.

  • Works with 12 volt deep cycle direct current RV/Marine trailer battery (not supplied)
  • 1.6KW 12v DC motor
  • Dual acting – Power Up/Power Down
  • 3200 psi extension and 1500 psi retraction working pressure
  • 2 to 4 selector allows use with hydraulic jack(s) and dump hydraulic hoist system without having to use a separate manual hydraulic diverter
  • Includes control switch/remote pendant with 12′ cord with four button switch
  • HPU-DASEL006 six quart usable volume reservoir, dual acting HPU (available special order upon request)
  • HPU Manual

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